Frankston WaterFront - Visitor Information Centre

Address : 7N Pier Promenade, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

Would you like an opportunity to take a Tour to Places of Worship and learn more about the beliefs, practises and customs of local faith traditions?  The Frankston Interfaith Network conducts 'Tours to Places of Worship' where you can visit a Hindu Ashram, an Islamic Mosque, a Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh Temple, a Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre, an Indigenous Sacred Site, or various Christian denominational Churches.   Each tour is different and will generally visit three places of worship.  Check each tour for details.  Cost: $15/$10 concession. 


Call Frankston Visitor Information Centre: 1300 322 842 or to make a booking on-line:

For March 21st Tour:


For May 2nd Tour:


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