Indigenous Spirituality at Wonga (Arthur's Seat)

On Thursday 31st of January 2013, Frankston Interfaith Network (FIN) hosted a Spirituality Talk on 'Indigenous Spirituality'  with Uncle Lionel at Seawinds Gardens, Arthur's Seat. Uncle Lionel shared some of the indigenous local history, customs and spiritual traditions of his people and ancestors, and their spiritual connection to the Land.

Arthur's Seat, traditionally known as Wonga (an Aboriginal word for pigeon), was the home of the Boonerwrung /Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nations.  Uncle Lionel described some of the indigenous history of the local area and plants and trees and their uses.

Uncle Lionel also brought along an aboriginal spear, shield and spearheads. Fascinating to be able to learn how they were made and how they were used and touch and feel the craftsmanship of these artifacts from the past. Amazing ingenuity and technology applied in the crafting of these artifacts using materials freely available to them. We were given the opportunity to look at two Ancient spearheads. Hard to believe that one was 300 yrs. old, a mere baby compared to the other fossilised spear head which was 10,000 yrs. old.

Uncle Lionel led us in a beautiful meditation as a perfect ending to his time with us. There we experienced a sense of shared spiritual connection to this ancient land and with each other as Uncle Lionel played the Didgeridoo in the peace, quiet and tranquility of the beautiful landscape of the Seawinds gardens overlooking Port Philip Bay.

We concluded the day with a FIN meeting in the beautiful tranquil garden setting followed by a picnic lunch. 

Indigenous Talk @ Seawinds