FIN welcomes Indonesian Muslim Delegation

Indonesian Delegation

On Wednesday 17th April 2013, Frankston Interfaith network (FIN) was pleased to welcome and play host to a group of young Indonesian Muslim leaders from the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Leaders Exchange Programme. The meeting was a great opportunity to dispel any myths and stereotypes.

The meeting took place at the beautiful and tranquil Brahma Kumaris Centre in South Frankston where everyone shared a wonderful vegetarian lunch, lovingly prepared by the Brahma Kumaris.

FIN members were delighted to meet Mr Wahyudi, Siti Hanifah, Nailun Najah and Choiril Anwar - a warm and engaging group of young people, who come from different parts of Indonesia such as Jakarta, East Java and Central Java. It was fascinating to hear about their work and community life in Indonesia.  A great opportunity to exchange ideas and share stories with one another, which is what interfaith gatherings and dialogue are all about.

FIN invited Uncle Lionel to come along and share some of his special knowledge on Indigenous history and culture with our Indonesian guests.  The Boomerang throwing exercise was a really amazing surprise for us, in more ways than one. We learnt the importance of knowing how to retrieve a Boomerang - from a tree - where the first throw landed.  And, the importance of knowing how to judge wind direction – as we all ducked under a tree as the boomerang suddenly headed towards us as we all stood laughing and watching Mr Choiril Anwar who was game enough to have a go at throwing the Boomerang.  All I might add under the safe and careful tutorage of Uncle Lionel.  Great fun!

The Australia-Indonesia Muslim Leaders Exchange Programme is a long-running initiative of the Commonwealth Government partnering with the Australia-Indonesia Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and managed by the Islamic Council of Victoria and the University of Melbourne.  It consists of a two-week visit to Australia by specially selected Indonesian Muslim leaders.

The programme aims to promote good relations between Muslims and the broader communities including schools and people of other faiths both in Indonesia and Australia.  It encourages friendship and understanding whilst building long-term relationships between the two nations.

FIN loved being a part of the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Leaders Exchange Programme sharing stories with our Indonesian friends and recognising that change happens one person at a time.

FIN welcomes Indonesian Delegation