Harmony Day - Islamic Weddings

On Sunday March 13th 2011, Frankston Intefaith Network (FIN) organised an Islamic Wedding ceremony at Frankston Library. This event was part of FIN's Harmony Day celebrations and attracted an enthusiastic crowd of over 70 people.

Nasirah Cavaney, a Victorian representative of Islam Australia and a FIN member, gave a presentation on a typical Islamic wedding. Nasirah answered questions such as:

  • Are Islamic marriages arranged?
  • How much do women have to cover up according to Islam?
  • Are women and men equal in Islam?
  • Is it true that Muslims are polygamous?

Clothing was on display including a wedding dress and guests’ formal wear with samples of halal food for us to share with one another.  For the women we were also able to try on headscarves to see how we looked and how it feels to wear the traditional Muslim headscarf.

Over the years FIN members have generously shared their customs, culture and traditions. We have learned from Hindus (2010), Muslims (2011) and Baha’is (2012) how their wedding ceremony reflects their faith and beliefs and journeyed with them through sacred contracts, colourful ceremonies, their exotic food and dress.

Harmony Day Spirituality Talks are a great opportunity to ask questions to distinguished speakers, and to compare and contrast their answers with our own customs and experiences.