Spirituality Talks

Would you like the an opportunity to hear a Spirituality Talk from a prominent speaker on topics such as 'Indigenous Spirituality', 'Understanding Islam', 'Hindu Weddings', 'What Bahai's believe?', 'The Golden Rule', 'Walking the Labyrinth' plus other related topics?


Spirituality Talks: Promoting Understanding and Respect

One of the goals of Frankston Interfaith Network (FIN) is to promote understanding and respect for each other's beliefs. To achieve this, FIN runs a series of Spirituality Talks designed to celebrate the richness and wisdom of each other’s faith traditions, customs and beliefs.

Spirituality Talks are varied and provide an opportunity to learn more about each other. Examples include Harmony Day Wedding Series (talks held on Harmony Day that focus on religious weddings) Workshops and Spiritual Conversations. 

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